Review of Acqua Trattoria Florida
Review of Acqua Trattoria Florida

Review of Acqua Trattoria Florida, if you’re looking for a place to eat that serves a large assortment of appetizers and dishes, then look no further than Acqua Trattoria. Highly recommended on, this restaurant houses a raw food bar which includes a varied selection ranging from ceviche to cured fish. As a personal touch to their menu, they also serve a diverse selection of cheeses, original sauces and coulis.

Acqua Trattoria is a premier Italian restaurant located in Aventura, Florida. The restaurant specializes in Italian and kosher foods that cater to a variety of exquisite tastes. With a charming atmosphere and a wide selection of fresh fish and Italian pastas, Acqua Trattoria is sure to have something that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

As mentioned, Acqua Trattoria provides a wide selection of menu items to choose from. This includes delicious homemade pastas, filled homemade pastas, fresh fish and an abundance of salad choices. Upon request, your waiter will even bring out a variety of dried pastas which can help you in your choice of dishes. Also, on their menu, you’ll be able to find an abundance of delicious appetizers which include tacos, ceviche, a variety of fish and edamame, just to name a few. For the younger diners, Acqua Trattoria has even put together a kid’s menu that ensures that no one is left out.

After your meal, if you still have any room left, Acqua Trattoria offers a selection of delicious dessert items such as tiramisu, dulce de leche cheesecake and affogato ice cream. They also have a large selection of beers, wines and cocktails to choose from. If you’re having trouble making a choice, feel free to ask the wait staff for help in choosing a drink that will pair well with your meal. After all, who doesn’t love a nice glass of white wine alongside a delicious grilled tuna steak?

This is a very popular restaurant Review of Acqua Trattoria among local Floridian and tourists alike. Typically, it is open by noon and closes for a few hours between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm. It’s busiest around the lunch hour and in between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm, therefore, it’s a good idea to call ahead of time and make a reservation to avoid showing up and being disappointed. Acqua Trattoria has many positive reviews online and is sure to deliver a meal that will have you coming back time and time again.

With prices ranging from $45 to $85, Acqua Trattoria delivers delicious menu items at prices that are relatively affordable for everyone. Whether you’re just looking to stop in for lunch or want to sit down for a full dinner time meal, this is a great kosher restaurant that is worth checking out. For a look at their menu, you can check out

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the restaurant’s manager and will be promptly seated at a table. Acqua Trattoria employs courteous staff members who are there to ensure that your every need is met and that you walk away feeling full, satisfied and have a smile on your face.

Review of Acqua Trattoria Florida