Real kosher restaurant Aventura
Real kosher restaurant Aventura

Real kosher restaurant Aventura, are you hungry in Aventura and you want to have a good time eating out with your friends or your loved one?

There is a new kosher food restaurant opened in Aventura, Miami and customers just can’t get enough of their amazing food served. Remember that kosher restaurants are establishment where you can found types of food that respects the Jewish laws. Some Jews believe that eating kosher is a religious desiderate, others adopt this type of food because it feels healthy, and others eat kosher because it respects the traditional way of life. Eating kosher involves different levels of complexity, depending on how strict the person choosing this food model is.

Acqua Trattoria can fulfill your wishes when it comes to food. Whether you want to eat pizza, pasta, or you love fish and do not know what salad you want as a side, Acqua Trattoria has a rich menu of Italian tradition from where you can choose exactly for your taste.

Located on 3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura Miami, the establishment is extremely beautiful and relaxing and you can really feel the magic of the ocean being so close to you. Focusing on blue and white as main decorative colors, even the plates seem like they belong there and more important, on your table.

Their motto is “Tradition & Quality” and if you check their menu, you will find only affordable prices and the best ingredients a kosher food restaurant can offer for their clients. 15 appetizers, 7 types of salads and 9 ways of serving fish along with traditional pasta and pizza will take a little of your time before you decide what to order. One of the wonders of Acqua Trattoria is their fast services, having the best chefs in the business.

Making a reservation is so simple and fast. Go online on their webpage and choose the most suitable way to book a table. It can be made right out of their reservation page by selecting when you want to go out to eat, how many are there going to be at your table and the approximate hour of arriving. They also provide a phone number listed near the calendar. lists the entire menu for you to see what dishes they cook, and all the ingredients used for each special place. Feel the trattoria experience at the real kosher restaurant food in Atlanta, Miami, Acqua Trattoria. Their website provides reviews from their customers and will be a delight reading them, almost having the feeling that you are there too.

Don’t miss out this kosher food restaurant and just continue your food experience.