Kosher Takeout at Acqua Restaurant

Kosher Takeout now available at Acqua Restaurant

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Kosher Takeout at Acqua Trattoria


Kosher Takeout at Acqua Restaurant. Sometimes we are comfortable and relaxing in our houses and we are not in the mood to get all dressed up and go sit in a restaurant, or we have a very busy day in the office, but our stomach is growling.In Acqua Trattoria Kosher Restaurant we now have a takeout option, you can choose from all of our Menu.
The benefits that you have when you order a Kosher Takeout at Acqua Restaurant are:
* You are going to receive the same exact quality and quantity of food that you enjoy in our kosher restaurant.
* You will not pay the 18% service fee.
* Your kosher takeout is going to take the same time to prepare than when you come to our premises.

BUT, not everything is a sweet dream, because you will not have the chance to enjoy the great environment and service from our staff, starting from our manager Federico and the waiters/waitress Paola, Aldana, Brani (by the way, he is really funny).

The Kosher Takeout at Acqua Restaurant is strictly supervised to guarantee that you are going to receive exactly what you asked for.

Acqua Trattoria has available for takeout all the appetizers, salads, Soups, Fishes, Pasta, whether it is for adults or kids.

Imagine a kosher takeout of fish and chips from Acqua in the comfort of your own home, really it is priceless :)…

The Kosher Takeout at Acqua Kosher Restaurant Aventura can offer you the following pasta to takeout:

Spaghetti Marinara
Linguini a la Putanesca
Creamy Pesto Penne
Pesto Linguine
Baked Ziti
Wild Mushroom Pappardelle
Vodka Pappardelle
Salmon Farfalle
Alfredo Farfalle
Penne al Telefono
Truffle oil Mac & Three Cheese

For details check our MENU ONLINE.

Besides kosher pasta, we have kosher fish available for takeout:

Glazed Salmon
Grilled Salmon
Grilled Mediterranean Branzino
Oven Baked Branzino
Grilled Branzino
Fish and Chips
Fried Whole Snapper
Grilled Tuna Steak
Grilled Trout

And for little ones of the house or if you are not really hungry for a big meal:

Baked Ziti
Spaghetti Marinara
Mac & Cheese
Fish and chips

Come try our delicious kosher Takeout at Acqua Trattoria or. Make a reservation today at or call us at (305) 690-7103