Kosher Restaurants in Aventura
Kosher Restaurants in Aventura

Kosher Restaurants in Aventura, a lot of people grew up eating in kosher restaurants. Why not? There is an abundance of choices, and the food is to die for each time. Also, the great ambiance and excellent service crew are what makes the kosher restaurant stand out most especially in Aventura.

There are a lot of kosher restaurants already established in Aventura. People are now looking for the next big thing. Well, lo and behold, the next big thing in Aventura has finally arrived. Even better, they are serving the best pizza kosher in town!

Excellent Service Crew
Often, it is the service that could make or break a restaurant. Some restaurants will have you waiting for hours on end just to get to your table. What if it is a momentous occasion?
Precious time is wasted before you can even place your order. This is not the case when you enter Acqua Trattoria. Once you get in the restaurant, their friendly attendants will immediately assist you to your seat. Regardless of the time you come in, guaranteed.

What about inattentive waiters? Don’t fret. In this restaurant, placing your order is a breeze, because their servers are attentive to all your requests as well. They can also point out and suggest to you the menu’s must-try.
What about if you still have complaints? To note, even the manager is readily available to cater to your needs. This will assure you that your dining experience is up to your standards each time.

Wide Selection of Food
While Acqua Trattoria has the best pizza kosher in Aventura, other dishes on the menu never fail to amaze. The menu selection is excellent as they also serve a wide array of appetizers, fresh homemade pasta, soups, and desserts.
You can choose to start your meal with their Classic Ceviche as an appetizer and match it up with their salads and pasta. For dessert, you can never go wrong in choosing as there are cheesecakes and ice creams that suit your sweet tooth cravings.

Serving portions are very generous, and you are guaranteed that every dish is a treat to your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their raw bar!

Great Ambiance
Acqua Trattoria is located in Waterways Shoppers, Aventura. There is also indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for all kinds of occasions. Prefer eating with your family? You can eat indoors. Enjoy hanging out with your friends? You can leisurely pass the time and enjoy the food outdoors.

There are also some wine selections to choose from. All Acqua Trattoria’s dishes can be matched with the wine of your choice. Of course, if you want better advice, you can approach any of their friendly waiters anytime.
The fact of the matter is that kosher restaurants in Aventura are gaining their much-needed attention in the past years. Many restaurants are sprouting. However; if you want to be assured that your dining experience is complete, head out to the restaurant that has an excellent service crew, wide selection of food, and great ambiance.

3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura, FL 33180 – USA
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