Kosher Pasta Restaurant Aventura
Kosher Pasta Restaurant Aventura

The best kosher pasta Restaurant in Aventura

If you are looking for the best kosher pasta Restaurant in Aventura, look no further. Acqua Trattoria located 3565 NE 207th St Ste A11, Aventura, Florida 33180 is just the place for you. This state of the art restaurant is well known for its delicious kosher pasta. This restaurant will you great food accompanied by great by excellent services. Owing to a large number of Jews in this community; there is a need for good restaurants to prepare pasta and foods that conform to the regulations of the Jewish dietary law. The Aqua Trattoria is a restaurant that will give you the best and most delicious kosher pasta. Acqua Trattoria is indeed the best kosher pasta restaurant Aventura has.

Acqua Trattoria is not just any other mainstream restaurant serving steaks and ribs. This is a rare restaurant with very high-quality ingredients and some dishes that have been constructed very carefully. When you visit Acqua Trattoria and have one of those scrumptious kosher pasta served to you, you might as well consider giving up your taste for meat once and for all!

Owned by Avi Bitton, a well-known hotelier in the Miami restaurant business, Acqua is a successful venture into the scene of Jewish kosher foods. The dishes are creatively made with an unmatched passion for food and boundless energy. Acqua is a restaurant with beautiful space which has decorated teal wall and wood tones which suffuse the eating place with a calm oceanic feel.

The decoration in the restaurant merely sets the stage at Acqua. However, the kosher pasta offered in the restaurant are the center of the show. There are plenty of choices that are quite intriguing when it comes to starting a meal. There are selections of appetizers which come with delicious sauces that are simply out of this world.

Acqua Trattoria considers the unique needs of every single customer. It is obvious that people do not eat everything that a menu has to offer. That is why at Acqua Trattoria, you get to choose between fish, risotto and a range of pasta that are homemade. These pastas include filled types like tortellini and ravioli among others. These pastas are also bathed in extremely delicious sauces. You can choose from various well-known cheese and macaroni to the rarest gnocchi in saffron cream sauce. There is also the Gigli pasta infused with wild mushrooms, which is nestled in parmesan cream sauce. The kosher pasta restaurants Aventura has could never match our pasta which is always bursting with flavor.

The prices that are offered by Acqua Trattoria for their kosher pasta are perfectly reasonable. Appetizers are priced at a range of $8-$24. The pasta ranges from a price of $16-$22. If you want to enjoy the most scrumptious kosher pasta that Aventura could ever boast, then visit Acqua Trattoria. The menu has numerous intriguing items that will keep you just coming back for more. Acqua Trattoria is an Amazing addition to the Miami restaurant scene and it is definitely worth paying a visit. Without a doubt, this will be a visit you will never forget.

Click here for our Kosher Pasta Restaurant Aventura Menu:

Gnocchi In Saffron Cream Sauce $22
Fresh Gnocchi infused in saffron cream sauce.

Gnocchi in Oregano Butter Sauce $22
Fresh Gnocchi in Fresh Oregano Butter Sauce

Santorini Guitarra $20
Guitarra spaghetti served with sardines, anchovies, kalamata olives, capers, garlic, and fresh tomatoes.

Wild Mushroom Gigli $20
Infused wild mushroom Gigli pasta served on top of parmesan cream sauce

Sicilian Spaghetti $18
Infused wild mushroom Gigli pasta served on top of parmesan cream sauce

Sun Choke Pacheri $18
Pacherri pasta sautéed with sage butter served over a sun choke puree.

Casarecce Pesto $16
Casarecce pasta served on top of our creamy pesto sauce and caramelized heirloom tomatoes.

Manfredi Alfredo $16
Manfredi pasta served on top of our Alfredo sauce

Bucatini $16
Bucatini pasta served on top of our vodka sauce

Spaghetti Marinara $16
Spaghetti served on top or our fresh marinara sauce and basil chiffonade

Baked Ziti $16
Oven baked ziti pasta tossed with our marinara ricotta sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Mac & Three Cheese $18
Canestri pasta tossed with a three cheese sauce topped with a wild mushroom and truffle oil gremolata

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3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura, FL 33180 – USA
Reserve today at: (305) 690-7103