Kosher Lunch Restaurant Acqua Trattoria
Kosher Lunch Restaurant Acqua Trattoria

Food! who doesn’t love food? Everyone has their own favorite dishes on the Wishlist in a restaurant while they are outing with family or friends. Many people eat when they are feeling hungry and many eats when they in a mood. It’s very hard to find the best quality restaurant having great taste in food, best service and of course best offers.
If you are a kosher food lover and looking for the best family kosher restaurant that can provide better service & meals? Then your search is over here. If you want to experience the best quality kosher dishes with the relevant price, then you must try this restaurant once in your life I bet you surely will love it.

Acqua Trattoria Kosher restaurant
Acqua Kosher restaurant is the best kosher restaurant in Aventura Florida that I have experienced in my life. If you are also searching for the Kosher restaurant with brilliant taste with Italian food, then you must try this restaurant. Their best quality food at the reasonable prices making them perfect family kosher restaurant in Aventura Florida.

Why you choose Acqua Kosher restaurant

1. Online Table booking
You don’t need to worry about the table booking you can book your table by sitting right at home. Just visit their and book your table all the details are there. Reservations will be guaranteed for 15 mins. Any later than that they will try to accommodate you

2.Best sitting arrangement
Last month One of my friends told me about this. I and my family went to Acqua Kosher restaurant for the lunch on the recommendation of my friend. Thanks to my friend because of him we got a chance to went there and enjoy their food. The sitting arrangement is well maintained we didn’t find any difficulty. All the tables are well designed and clean containing tablecloths and napkins

3. Staff
The staff is really polite and good. The way they are handling their customers making their service is best. We ordered kosher food and got it on our table like in no time. All the staff of the Acqua kosher restaurant is caring and well behaved.

4. Taste
We have never experienced such kind of taste that we got at this restaurant. we have been going there every month since our last visit. There Kosher Wood-Fired Pizza is one the best dish that I personally recommend you should try when you got a chance to visit there. When making kosher Italian pizza in Aventura, Acqua Trattoria chefs use fresh mozzarella cheese and the finest and purest grade of Italian flour. This flour has the optimum gluten content for pizza, creating a stretchy dough with just the right softness and crunch when baked in a wood-fired oven.

The baked Bronzini was so fresh I couldn’t help wondering if it had been swimming in the Intracoastal just half an hour earlier, and the mushroom-crusted sea bass was the epitome of perfection, better than any steak I have ever eaten on our second visit, we also tried grilled salmon with a glass of red wine me and my family members loved it.

5. Service
The service of this restaurant is very quick, we ordered our food and it is served by 3 waiters. We have also cared by the restaurant’s manager as he came to us 2 times and asked us if we need something. That experience was so amazing.
At the end, there is nothing wrong to say this is the best Kosher Lunch Restaurant in Aventura Florida. Try them at least once you will surely go there again and again to enjoy such kind of experience of great taste.