Kosher Fish Restaurant Aventura
Kosher Fish Restaurant Aventura

Aventura’s Kosher Fish Restaurant: Acqua Trattoria

Looking for a kosher fish restaurant in Aventura? A quick search online will lead you to several websites offering kosher food, cooked and prepared in ways that adhere to Jewish customs. With very few restaurants offering service to the Jewish community, finding and dining in one is truly an experience worth having.

Acquatrattoria Restaurant

Located in Aventura, Miami Florida, this particular restaurant has been operating for years and has earned an excellent reputation in the community. With contact information that lets you reach them by phone or through the net, the restaurant is more than ready to accommodate various needs and requests by clients who wish to celebrate special days in the family.

Food Offerings

Their menu is quite extensive, all of which are cooked and prepared kosher. Although they are mainly popular for their fish, the restaurant also serves salads, homemade pasta, raw bar, and appetizers. One of their most popular food items is the Mushroom Seared Sea Bass which is prepared with wild mushrooms, caramele, a ricotta mix, and exquisite truffle oil sauce. If you’re looking for pasta however, there’s the Baked Ziti. This one is prepared using marinara ricotta sauced with parmesan and mozzarella cheese generously sprinkled on top.

One of their more distinguished food offerings is the raw bar which includes dishes such as Salmon Tartar, Tuna Carpaccio, Tokyo Hamachi, and even a Cured Fish Platter.

Reviews for the restaurant are forthcoming and encouraging as the place makes it presence known among locals and tourists. With an ambience that encourages one to relax and enjoy, it’s hard not to visit this place as often as possible.


When it comes to prices, Acquatrattoria is more than competitive. Although some of their signature dishes are marginally more expensive than others, there are those that are perfect for a casual dinner in a distinguished restaurant. With literally dozens of choices from pasta to fish and prices that are more than affordable, you’ll find that choosing a meal within your budget is easy enough. The fact that the food preparation meets exact standards set by authorities is a plus, ensuring that you’ll enjoy the meal without any worries.


Acquatrattoria is open daily albeit in different times of the day. From Monday to Thursday, you can enjoy their services from 12PM to 4AM and then from 5:30PM to 11PM. They’re closed on Fridays but reopen on Saturday and Sundays. On Saturday however, they operate only from 10PM to 1AM while on Sunday, they serve some of their best dishes from 12PM to 11PM.

Call for a Reservation

Acquatrattoria also accepts reservations for group meals and willing to accommodate a large number of individuals who want to celebrate their special day in the restaurant. Often hosting traditional Jewish ceremonies, it is one of the few places in Florida where Jewish communities can converge and experience exquisite dining experience while still paying homage to their soul’s diet. It doesn’t have to be a big group – the restaurant welcomes anyone and everyone with a one-click table booking button available on their domain.

For more information about Acquatrattoria, check out their website or call them through their phone number: +1-305-690-7103 or send them an inquiry through

Click here for our Kosher Fish Restaurant Aventura Menu:

Trout Lemon Almond $28
Whole butterflied Trout served with roasted vegetables and a white wine caper sauce.

Trout Walnut Pesto $28
Whole butterflied Trout served with a lemon brown butter sauce and roasted rainbow carrots and your choice of one side.

Mushroom Seared Sea Bass $44
Caramele stuffed in a wild mushroom and ricotta mix served with a wild mushroom and truffle oil sauce.

Seared Sea Bass $44
Served on top of a saffron cream sauce with roasted vegetables and your choice of one side.

Poached Salmon $28
Mixed herbs olive oil poached salmon served with a leek marmalade shaved fennel salad and roasted corn coulis.

Pistachio Olive Crusted Salmon $28
Served on top a parmesan garlic cream and roasted beets.

Whole Salt Crusted Branzino $40
Infused Salt crusted whole Branzino served with a shaved carrot salad and caramelized lemon.

Whole Oven Baked Branzino $38
Lemon herb and garlic infused whole Branzino served with roasted vegetables, caramelized lemon and chimichurri.

Seared Sicilian Paste Grouper $38
Served with a Mediterranean salsa on top of a sun choke sauce puree shaved carrot salad.

Steamed Lemon Grass Grouper $38
Steamed lemon grass infused grouper in a banana leaf served with a mango salsa and plantains and your choice of one side.

Seared Grouper $38
Served with a roasted jalapeño cilantro sauce, papaya salsa and roasted beets.

Whole Fried Grouper $39
Served with a shaved radish salad, caramelized lemon and a charmula sauce.

For more information about our Kosher Fish Restaurant Aventura:

3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura, FL 33180 – USA
Reserve today at: (305) 690-7103