Kosher Elegant Dinner Acqua Trattoria Aventura
Kosher Elegant Dinner Acqua Trattoria Aventura

Kosher Elegant Dinner Acqua Trattoria Aventura, there is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than finishing off your day with a great meal, drinks and some great company. This is an amazing feeling as it takes away all the stresses and frustrations of the day, and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day with energy, productiveness and a stable mind. If you are a resident in Miami, or you are hosting friends from out of town and are looking for a stylish and modern restaurant, that can offer you a great environment, delicious meals and amazing drinks, then you should make your way to Acqua Trattoria.

Acqua Trattoria is an elegant restaurant located at the heart of Florida. It is in the center of all the Miami excitement. Acqua Trattoria restaurant offers a great and delicious range of meals from its unique menu incorporating cuisines from different areas in the world, with a unique Acqua Trattoria taste. The meals are accompanied by a great service from the team of chefs, who prepare all the delicious meals, the bar tenders who ensure that your drinks are bursting with flavor and are refreshing to the waitrons that are dedicated to giving you a mind-blowing service.

The menu
Acqua Trattoria restaurant offers you a menu with delicious meals to choose from. There are amazing appetizers that are a great start to your dining that will make you salivate and want more. For those individuals who are looking to keep the weight off by minimizing the calories, Acqua Trattoria offers you a range of more than five salads that have an amazing taste and are filling so that you don’t starve. On the menu, there is also a range of seafood meals that you will definitely enjoy, ranging from the traditional fish and chips to the lemon-flavored oven baked branzino. There are a number of fresh pasta meals that will make you feel like you are in the heart of Italy, with side dishes that will compliment all your meals. You can bring your kids to the restaurant as there is a nice range of kiddies’ meals.

The raw bar offers you a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to sip away and enjoy. The menu offers hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages that can be enjoyed by any member of the family- whether you want to keep warm with an espresso or cool off with a delicious strawberry milkshake.

For the people who prefer alcoholic drinks, Acqua Trattoria offers both white and red wines with over ten different brands for you to choose from and enjoy. For those who prefer to have that cold beer, Acqua Trattoria has a special where all beers, with over ten different brands and flavors to choose from.

You will be delighted to know that all the food offered and served at Acqua Trattoria restaurant is Kosher meaning all the menu items satisfy the Jewish law.

Making a reservation Acqua Trattoria restaurant offer you the opportunity to book a table by simply calling between 10 and 12 every day. Additionally, Acqua Trattoria offers you the opportunity to book the restaurant for private parties and special events to celebrate with your loved ones. Do not hesitate to contact Acqua Trattoria to book your delicious meal today.