Kosher Dinner Aventura
Kosher Dinner Aventura

Kosher Dinner Aventura, Acqua is a Kosher restaurant Aventura, Florida has to offer. It is located in a beautiful outdoor mall and is alongside other Kosher restaurants. While there are many Kosher restaurants in Aventura, Florida, not many can be compared to Acqua and there are good reasons for it. Even if you are someone who is not a fan of Kosher, you will love the food. Their staff is also very vigilant and organized. Most people get a table without reservation within minutes of going there. Not only that, the food here is really affordable.

Don’t believe us? Check out their website or any review of Acqua and see for yourself!
How much did people like the atmosphere?

Most people loved the atmosphere as it is part of a gorgeous outdoor mall. The outdoor view is outstanding, and you can see an extraordinary view of Miami sitting in your spot at this restaurant.
Not only that, the service is very quick. The waiters of Acqua maintain hygiene and order. Ask anyone, there are very few complains coming from the guests about messed up orders, because in this Aventura restaurant, it is a rare case. The reservations made at Acqua are rarely messed up and even without making a reservation, you can get a table at Acqua in a matter of a few minutes.

How much did people like the food?
On an average, Acqua Trattoria of Miami, Florida got a 4.6/5.
Most of the guests definitely suggest going in for a second meal. They think the environment is breath-taking and some even consider it the best part of their Miami vacation. Not only that, there are many trips advising sites and consulting agencies that also recommend this restaurant for your Miami or Florida visit. But, sadly, no restaurant can have only good reviews. So naturally, there are some people who think the food here was served cold, or their meals were messed up.

But what you will notice is that, even then neutral or bad reviews have some good points stated about this restaurant; like how good their pizza is or how the service is quick.

What should you order when you go to Acqua?
This is something a person who has gone to this amazing restaurant can tell you. Among the countless delicious meals, you can find at Acqua Trattoria, if you want to taste the best kosher dinner Aventura can serve, follow our list of the most popular dishes of this restaurant:

– Tuna Tartar
– Kosher Pizza
– Kale Quinoa Salad
– Pistachio Crushed Salmon
– Chocolate Mousse Cake
– Alfredo Farfalle Salad

While there are a number of people who are absolutely in love with the Kosher pizza, even to this day, there are others who would rate every single meal a 5/5. And as there are other Kosher restaurants in that very mall for them you compare, you know for sure that Acqua definitely will offer you the best of the best!
How can you contact Acqua?

Acqua is located at Aventura, Florida. Their address is 3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura, FL 33180 – USA.
You can get a reservation if you call at: (305) 690-7103. You can also check out their website at