Kosher Appetizers Restaurant Aventura

Kosher Appetizers Restaurant Aventura
Kosher Appetizers Restaurant Aventura

Are you in Miami or planning to travel there for your holiday? Then stop scratching your head about where to get a kosher appetizers Restaurant Aventura. Acqua Trattoria will get you sorted and leave you with a memorable experience. Everyone yearning for a kosher appetizers restaurant in the Aventura Waterways will tell you that they got a rest when they entered the Acqua Trattoria, the place to be. Those who have visited the joint before have numerous testimonies to share about the wow experience right from the restaurant entry, to the seating tables, and the service. At Acqua Trattoria restaurant, all your search for kosher appetizers restaurant will be sorted. Here, you will have finger licking meals but before then, appetizers will come in amazing style. The restaurant is immaculate, beautiful with enough room between the tables. Also, the waiters are organised and fast. They serve you with a smile and professionally. Ask any waiter here and they will provide you a menu with a list of kosher appetizers that will spoil for choices. Whether you want tequenos, seared tuna fish taco, salmon lollipops, fish croquettes or even beer batter fish taco, they are all available for you.

Here you will have a kosher appetizers restaurant aventura that usually opens between Sundays to Thursday. Lunch hour is between 12 noon to 4pm, while dinner is served between 5.30pm and 11pm. On Saturday, it opens between 9.30pm and 12am. You can do online reservations by phone call or just visiting the official page and you get covered in a few minutes time. You can not talk about class and creativity with respect to kosher restaurants in Miami and fail to mention Acqua restaurant. The eatery is beautifully decorated to give you passion and appetite for food leaving you with boundless energy. When you visit it, you simply get into a feast for your stomach and eyes. All details are explored between ambiance, flavor, service and presentation. They have high quality choice of ingredients which take center role in carefully constructed kosher appetizers that may leave you contemplating the real meaning of decadence. Acqua as a kosher appetizers restaurant Aventura is no doubt a smart choice for anyone looking to have a stylish night out of the town. Alongside the wide range of appetizers, there are extensive cocktail and food menu that make it an excellent joint to celebrate.

Whether you are a local or an alien, a sneak glance at the cocktail selection will leave you relaxed and switch you into vacation mode. As you continue to enjoy life there, you can choose from a variety of inventive meals. Their food is a stylish combination of American fusion, with Asian, Latin and Italian flavors. The flavors are well blended to give you a fulfilling kosher bite. They also offer salads, fresh pastas, soups, a raw bar which serves tartar, ceviche, and carpaccio. They also offer a selection of cooked fish. All their kosher food is finger licking and believe you me you will want to visit again and again. The meal portions are considerably large and to the surprise of every one, the prices are pocket friendly! For every one who loves kosher appetizers and meals, swim or run, don’t just walk to restaurant. You can never have enough of kosher appetizers in this eatery.

Click here for our Kosher Appetizers Restaurant Aventura Menu:

Seared Tuna Fish Tacos $14
Beer Bater Fish Tacos $14
Fish Croquettes $10
Salmon Lollipops $15
Raviolo $14
Shishito Peppers $8
Arrancini Balls $10
Eggplant Involtini $12
Fried Smelt Fish $12
Tequeños $10
Edamame $8

For more information about our Kosher Appetizers Restaurant Aventura:

3565 NE 207th St Suite A11 Aventura, FL 33180 – USA
Reserve today at: (305) 690-7103