December 25, 2017


Finding a Great, KosherWood-Fired Pizza in Aventura

Every pizza lover knows all pizza is not the same, and many have developed their love of pizza eating oven baked pies. Oven-baked pies are fine, but wood-fired pizza with the freshest mozzarella and other fine ingredients brings a whole new dimension to pizza enjoyment, even for the biggest pizza connoisseur. And handmade, kosher Italian pizza in Aventura is available at Acqua Trattoria.

What Makes Wood-Fired Kosher Pizza Different in Aventura

Great pizza is a fine balance between an outstanding crust and the perfect topping of your favorite ingredients. Along with the dough, mozzarella cheese is a crucial part in pizza making. When you choose the best quality and type of flour and cheese for making pizza, the perfect balance between crust and fillings becomes easier to achieve.

When making kosher Italian pizza in Aventura, Acqua Trattoria chefs use fresh mozzarella cheese and the finest and purest grade of Italian 00 flour. This flour has the optimum gluten content for pizza, creating a stretchy dough with just the right softness and crunch when baked in a wood-fired oven.

Fresh mozzarella cheese, or mozzarella fresco, has a slightly firmer texture than processed mozzarella. Fresh mozzarella is made fresh daily and then used right away while flavor and texture are at their prime. Fresh mozzarella is a bit higher in water content than its processed counterpart, and this makes it slightly lower in calories for the same sized serving.

Wood-fired pizza is baked at temperatures of 650º to 750ºF in a special oven using a real wood fire for heat. This cooking method allows for baking a pizza in as little as three minutes, creating a perfectly textured crust and retaining the rich flavors of the cheese and toppings like you find in the Greek, Napoletana, Carciofo, and a dozen others wood-fired kosher pizzas toppings and calzone available at Acqua Trattoria near Miami.