Acqua Trattoria Kosher
Acqua Trattoria Kosher

Acqua Trattoria Kosher, are you looking for an amazing, top-notch kosher restaurant near you? Look no further since the answer is right here; Acqua Trattoria, a great kosher daily restaurant located in Aventura, Florida. Enjoy they great food and service at pocket-friendly prices. Acqua Trattoria serves delicious fish, pasta, salads, tasty wines, beers and cocktails all under one roof.

Let’s have a look at their menu so that you can know what to order during your visit. First on the menu are these wonderful appetizers to get you ready for the main course. Just to mention a few, they have tacos some of which include seared tuna tacos, spicy tuna tacos and torched salmon tacos all of which are going at a pocket-friendly price of $13 only. Next in line are ceviche and they have cilantro ceviche, classic ceviche, and yellow pepper

Believe me when I tell you that you will love the delicious salads which include quinoa kale salad, Luisa salad and Greek salad which are served with some red onions and cherry tomatoes. I cannot fail to mention the amazing seared tuna salad which comprises of sea tuna that is laid on top of a mixture of arugula, kale, romaine lettuce, cilantro mango salsa, some sliced spicy red peppers and sesame ginger orange vinaigrette. You will definitely love this one, and it goes for $18 only.

Next, we have the main Acqua Trattoria dish; fish, and on the menu are the following; grilled and glazed Norwegian Salmon which go for $28. You won’t believe that the grilled salmon is served with Mediterranean fresh herbs. Other fish dishes are Branzino, and these can either be grilled, or oven baked depending on your liking. To the fish and chips lovers, your needs are taken care of since their fried fish is served with tartar sauce and Acqua house fries which are so crunchy. You can also enjoy
grilled tuna steak or grilled trout for $29.

Talking about pasta, Acqua is a pasta heaven. All their pasta are handmade and are so unique in every way. Make sure you try them out when you are in the area. Lastly, it’s time for your favorite drink, and you can decide to enjoy red wines, white wines, beers, and cocktails. Acqua Trattoria also takes care of those that love non-alcoholic drinks by offering beverages, coffee, milkshakes, and lemonades. Acqua kosher restaurant offers an added element of culinary artistry in every dish which is very rare to find in other kosher restaurants. This is definitely the kosher restaurant near me that you should also visit!

Acqua Trattoria Kosher.