Acqua Trattoria Florida
Acqua Trattoria Florida


Acqua Trattoria Florida. Just the name itself sounds tropical and relaxing. Just imaging vivid pictures of the Golden Beach and all of the great restaurants serving the most delicious and savory seafood already makes you want to empty a spot out of your calendar. Luckily if you are able to carve out some time you don’t have to imagine for much longer. Acqua Trattoria is just the restaurant you were imagining. Located not even a mile away from the Golden Beach you can enjoy the tropical weather, the ocean breeze, and great selection of food the Acqua Trattoria has to offer.

Acqua Trattoria is a sit and dine restaurant that offers a wide selection of foods ranging from seafood to salad to pasta-based dishes. The prices are moderate, the atmosphere is just as calm and relaxed as the beaches, and the service is impeccable. You can just tell the restaurant has a soul to it with how lively the people look and how happy the service is to provide for you.

Since Acqua Trattoria is located so close to the beach it only makes sense that the restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood such Glazed Salmon, made with grilled norwegian salmon and coated in an agave mustard glaze, or the classics such as fish and chips. Seafood isn’t their only specialty either, their selection of salads is perfect for anyone looking for a light and inexpensive meal to dine in on.

All made with fresh ingredients and a very diverse selection of leaves, vegetables, and cheeses. Even that’s not all they’re limited to, they have a huge selection of pastas like gnocchi and linguini a la putanesca and an even bigger selection of fine wines like Shilo Mosaic. And as you guessed there are even more that their menu can offer like Guinness stout and Peroni Beer for only $6 or if you’re looking for non alcoholic they have the main course for sodas and sparkling drinks along with multiple coffee drinks, milk shakes, and lemonades. But of course, no menu ends off in dinners and drinks, their deserts are both inexpensive and incredibly satisfying: flans, chocolate mousse, vanilla sundae, tiramisu, anything you want.

With how much effort they spent on the food you’d be amazed to see how great the atmosphere is inside. The furniture is simplistic, the wood used is a nice beach sand beige color with tropical ocean blue walls, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at the beach for a second. The plating is very simplistic, pure white clean dishes with dark blue tinted glasses, reminding you of night time waters out in the ocean. The furniture is all about comfort. Many booths for comfortable seatings and the chairs are very comfortable as well, slightly bolstered to keep you secure in the seat and make sure you don’t fall over after daydreaming over the Golden Beach.

The Golden beach is not even a mile away either just a short drive and you’re on your way to swimming in warm tropical Florida waters. The Golden beach isn’t the only stop neat Acqua Trattoria either. A little bit of a longer drive will take you into the heart of Hollywood. Not the movie production hollywood unfortunately but this is still a great location to visit, a bustling center full of people, you can just feel the energy once you enter city.

Acqua Trattoria is a must go if you are in the area. The important locations it’s near, the calming atmosphere, and incredible menu selections are unrivaled by many other local restaurants in the area. Nowhere in Florida can you go to get service and food as great and not have to empty out your wallet only to feel unsatisfied. Fortunately, Acqua Trattoria is here solely to make sure your stay
is enjoyable and you’re satisfied.

Acqua Trattoria Florida